Project Description

Christopher Rose guides his staff with thoughts of common sense and the familiar as a philosophy towards planning and designing the aspects of “home”. The siting of the house is a response to the sun and breezes relative to the plants and waters of the Lowcountry. Construction methods and materials marry the tried-and-true lessons of history with the state-of-the-art techniques of today. Relationships of rooms to interiors and exteriors draw upon a simplicity to create a retreat from busy lives. The function and expression of details enliven the surroundings and delight the senses. Christopher Rose Architects individualizes a design to each person and place. We refrain from lending every house a common style, endeavoring instead to give a home its unique identity. Through a dialogue and an understanding between the client and the architect, we create a home that evokes emotions in its family and guests.

Architect Members: Chris Rose, Ron Gossen