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Most homes built nowadays are not specifically built to reflect the memories and personalities of their owners. They are built to convey a certain look, a certain style, but not to directly reflect the individuality of those inhabiting the house.

Within all of us, humans carry recollections involving all the senses that bring us back to our childhood and give us inner comfort: the scent of apple pie, the sound of a crackling fire, the feel of barefoot feet on wooden floors, the texture of a piece of furniture…. Memories that usually involve all five of our senses and give us a feeling of peace and of belonging, memories that make us who we are.

It is easy in our hectic lives to forget that there are elements that give us inner peace because they reflect our identity – most of us are not conscious of what those elements may be, but we do recognize them when we randomly encounter them in our lives.

StudioMA Architecture, Inc. was founded because we are passionate in our conviction that architecture must have a soul in order to be effective. In our Studio, we strive to understand the relationship of every client to the site, with the understanding that our task is more than merely work on a project — we are responsible for the delivery of quality, innovation, and excellence in the spaces that we design; but most importantly, it is our duty to create environments which generate memories and comfort to our clients, as well as to any other person who is bound to be affected by those spaces. Architecture, after all, is the means to ground ourselves to our surroundings.

At StudioMA, we come from a strong tradition of being true to materials, of the love for craftsmanship, of integrity in design, of uniqueness and individuality. Here at StudioMA, we believe that every building should possess its own soul and stand apart from the rest of its counterparts very much like our clients and ultimately ourselves.

StudioMA Architecture, Inc. was founded under strict design principles with the purpose of creating a “different type of firm”. We always strive to deliver excellence and innovation to all of our clientele, no matter how diverse it may be. This firm is dedicated to becoming an icon of consistent project idealization, execution, and delivery.

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