By Bill Huey, Charleston CRAN-AIA Member

Continuing education is a requirement by our State Licensing Board for all Registered Professional Architects. By South Carolina law, we are required to complete 24 hours of accredited classes in subjects pertaining to health, safety, and welfare every 24 months.Graphic 2

Why is this a requirement? With progress in building technology, products and practices ever evolving, it is the professional responsibility of the Architect to keep pace. Building codes are constantly amended or revised for these same reasons. Continuing education provides the professional Architect the ongoing knowledge required to design homes to the highest standards that innovations in technology will allow.

Continuing education consists primarily of classroom seminar type sessions, but may also include visits to building product manufacturing facilities and discussions with engineers, designers and technicians from those companies.

Charleston CRAN-AIA Members are committed to gaining knowledge of the latest building products and techniques and applicability of them as a service to their clients.

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Charleston CRAN-AIA members Malcolm Brennan, Marc Camens, Jim Henshaw, Bill Huey, Chris Rose, and James Selvitelli recently visited Wisconsin to tour the Kolbe Window facility, the Cardinal Glass manufacturing facility, the LEED Platinum Aldo Leopold Legacy Center, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and architecture school, Taliesin.”