Like a great relationship, a great house is more than the sum of its parts. To Scott Anderson, great architecture is a marriage of design and structure, art and science, interior and exterior spaces and the experiences they create. Scott is both a residential architect and an interior designer; the reason why the Anderson Studio addresses interior design and exterior design as one component. While The Studio may formally provide one service or the other, Anderson is constantly designing for both making collaboration with other interior designers and consultants fluid, very productive and a genuine asset to his clients.

With 21 years of architectural experience, Scott Anderson, managing partner of the Anderson Studio of Architecture and Design, provides the one-on-one attention of a small firm, while offering the expertise and capabilities of larger architecture firms. Well-known in Charleston as a skilled residential architect, Anderson’s pride in craftsmanship, attention to detail and ability to translate the visions of his clients has resulted in a long list of repeat clients and a portfolio of fine residential homes that elevates the business of building to the fine art of architecture.

Architect Member: Scott Anderson

Intern Members:  Adam Wilson, Jason Boyd