ARCHIDEMIC is a multidisciplinary practice, in the manner of an atelier, which approaches the design of the built environment as an endeavor worthy of rigorous thought and engaging process. The practice is dedicated to the creation of iconic, thoughtfully tailored, and innovative works of architecture that consider both landscape and interiors as integral components of well wrought design. We are stewards cognitive of the environments in which we practice.

The studio specializes in the design of bespoke residences, as well as boutique hospitality, amenity, and destination properties. This broad minded approach leads to the creation of an engaging product that is both compelling and enduring. Principal Mark Moehring has practiced for over 20 years with a portfolio of nationally recognized work throughout the Lowcountry, Europe, and the Caribbean.

We work hard to nurture productive and rewarding relationships with our clients; an endeavor in which we take great pride.

Member: Mark Moehring