As an expertly trained Residential Architect practicing within the Charleston area for the past 12+ years, Martin Cizler has more than 30 years of combined Architectural experience. Martin has been the Lead designer and Project Architect on a number of new custom homes and residential renovations/ additions along the coastal islands of the Charleston regional area. Having extensive knowledge of the regional building practices and having spent many hours working with the numerous Architectural Review Boards located throughout the region allows him to easily navigate the complexities of designing in the often challenging natural environment that makes up the Low Country.

His firm’s hallmarks include providing high end creative design, innovation in use of building materials and techniques and of utmost importance superior client service. After all is said, he realizes that exceeding his clients expectations is his ultimate job and the ultimate goal of each Architectural design challenge that his firm faces. Over his years of experience, he quickly learned that Architects are really in the client satisfaction business with great Architectural design being the by product of that business relationship with his many past clients.  In addition to Martin’s extensive residential experience and passion for the built home form, he also has a great sense of the importance that interior design details and the engagement of exterior landscape features play towards the creation of unique and truly personalized “Home” environment. In time, he hopes to be known as the premier “go to” Architect for custom residences, additions and renovations on beautiful Kiawah Island and the other surrounding coastal areas.

For Martin great Architectural design is not something that Is really quantifiable, it is more about the emotional appeal; whether it brings a sense of security, calm, contentment or even excitement to the end user. Great Architecture really makes people feel good subconsciously without them really even knowing how or why.

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