What makes McDonald Architects unique? It is the understanding that there are three primary variables to the Design Process: The Client, The Site and The Architecture.

The Client: It is our primary goal that the design we create with you will fully realize your needs and aspirations while maintaining balance with your resources.

The Site: We seek, in our architectural designs, to embrace the landscape by weaving your needs and aspirations into the fabric of the land.

The Architecture: Our goal is to understand, re-interpret and employ the relationships embodied in each architectural styles by wrapping them around your needs, giving expression to your aspirations and celebrating the landscape where you have chosen to establish your home.

With 20 years of experience, Architect Chad D McDonald, AIA, LEED AP leads McDonald Architects. As a LEED Accredited Professional, We will also assist you in prioritizing many areas of potential interest such as sustainability, durability and resource conservation.

Member: Chad McDonald