January 21, 2011

Charleston CRAN, dedicated to community service, organized a design charrette involving over thirty local residential architects. Six teams were formed through which several affordable designs were created. The goal of the charrette was to raise attention toward the issue of affordable housing set within downtown Charleston, while providing an opportunity for local architects to demonstrate the value of good design principles for an often under-emphasized program type. The result was the creation of simple, economical, and sustainable home designs that may be used by the City of Charleston for their affordable housing program.

CRAN Charette Habitat

Charleston CRAN would like to thank the following:

For the donation of their talent in illustrating: Dale Watson and Aaron Ede

For their donation of supplies and printing services: Charleston Blueprint Company and A&E Digital Printing

A special thanks to Audio Warehouse and Signature Kitchens for their donations which made this event a possibility, and, a success.