Entry By: Bill Huey
The Steering Committee has been busy planning a revised format for 2012 CRAN meetings and events. The objective is to have more topical, practice relative, open discussions amongst CRAN members.

The business meeting this month, January 19 2012, will consist of the slating and election of 2012 CRAN Officers and Steering Committee members, review and member discussion of the proposed 2012 events, and discussion about any topics or events that members may wish to see addressed by CRAN this year.

Our Profession (and livelihood) is currently assailed from many fronts. As a Community of Professionals, together we have the opportunity through CRAN to identify and advocate for those things we hold to be important. We also have a responsibility to pay forward our experience and knowledge to future practitioners. Member participation and input is critical to the viability of Charleston CRAN!

Looking forward to seeing all members, present and future, on the 19th!