Continuing Education: Another Commitment by Registered Architects to their Clients


By Bill Huey, Charleston CRAN-AIA Member Continuing education is a requirement by our State Licensing Board for all Registered Professional Architects. By South Carolina law, we are required to complete 24 hours of accredited classes in subjects pertaining to health, safety, and welfare every 24 months. Why is this a requirement? With progress in building technology, products and practices ever evolving, it is the professional responsibility of the Architect to keep pace. Building codes are constantly amended or revised for these same reasons. Continuing education provides the professional Architect the ongoing knowledge required to design homes to the highest standards that [...]

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CharlestonCRAN Website Launch


Welcome to the CRAN Charleston website. Custom Residential Architects Network of Charleston, South Carolina is an organization of local, registered, and trusted residential architects. We are a knowledge based community, with focus on public awareness and education. We involve ourselves in community service projects, along with a scholarship program for our youth that are interested in the study of architecture. Presently, our group boasts over forty members who are a part of over thirty local architectural firms. Please feel free to browse our "MEMBER DIRECTORY". Should you wish to know a little more about CharlestonCRAN, please visit "ABOUT US".

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Charrette For Affordable Housing


January 21, 2011 Charleston CRAN, dedicated to community service, organized a design charrette involving over thirty local residential architects. Six teams were formed through which several affordable designs were created. The goal of the charrette was to raise attention toward the issue of affordable housing set within downtown Charleston, while providing an opportunity for local architects to demonstrate the value of good design principles for an often under-emphasized program type. The result was the creation of simple, economical, and sustainable home designs that may be used by the City of Charleston for their affordable housing program. Charleston CRAN would like to [...]

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